"Neighbor" was performed as a ICC 20th Anniversary Event

4 November, 2017 - 5 November, 2017
NTT InterCommunication Center (Tokyo, Japan)
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About "Neighbor"

How do we build a social relationship with others?
How will technology interfere with the building process?

The immersive art performance Neighbor visualizes the subjective process and will predict the future pattern of social bonding. Two participants wearing HMD and headphones stand facing each other at the center of the stage. Over a period of six minutes they see live images or a recorded past, or mixture of the two, which blurs the self/other boundary. They are instructed use their hands in order to interact with the other participant and create a new relationship. The two performers interact with the participants in real and virtual space. The participantsʼ views are displayed on the screen. As witnesses, audiences can observe the participantsʼ subjective experience and feelings through the stage and screen.


Executive Producer
Naotaka Fujii
Producer / Director / Visual Creator
Hitoshi Taguchi (GRINDER-MAN)
Makiko Izu (GRINDER-MAN)
Composer / Sound Designer
System Development
Takamitsu Hamajo
Samuel Delvaux, Sonia Borkowicz - Linz, Austria
Dror Liberman, Maayan Houresh - Tel Aviv, Israel
Costume design
Miki Nakamura
System Support
Hiroyasu Nagafuchi
Production Manager
Satoru Oyamada, Yuji Amano (GRINDER-MAN)
Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

the Agency for Cultural Affairs Government of Japan in the fiscal 2016


ICC 20th Anniversary Event

Ars Electronica Festival 2016

Print Screen Festival


「ラディカル・アトムズ」がもたらす、こころの革命 ― アルスエレクトロニカ2016 レポート

bound baw - October, 2016

Artist's profile

Naotaka Fujii

Born 1965. Graduated from the Tohoku University School of Medicine in 1991, and received his M.D., Ph.D. from the same university’s graduate school in 1997. Representative Director of Hacosco Inc. Main subjects of his studies are adaptive intelligence and social brain function. He had been working as a researcher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology from 1998 until 2004, and leading the RIKEN Brain Science Institute’s Laboratory for Adaptive Intelligence as Laboratory Head from 2008 until 2017. Currently CEO of Hacosco Inc. and Professor at Digital Hollywood University. →


GRINDER-MAN is the artistic group created by director Hitoshi Taguchi and the choreographer/dancer Makiko Izu. Their aim is to divert the idea of "here and now" by creating a spectacle of carefully planned sensory impressions based on the spontaneity of the reaction. The group carries out projects for museums, theaters, art festivals and various other occasions across Japan and abroad. Their art escapes generalization, going far beyond the boundaries of art. →


Musician and sound artist, born 1976. Has been creating and performing edgy works of electronic music, while at once engaging in prismatic sound design utilizing cutting-edge technology. He organized new project “See by Your Ears” producing an extraordinary audio experience described as like seeing something with your ears (without eyes). It’s regarded with high esteem as an epoch-making piece in the history of sound art. →